Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro headset compared to Meta’s Quest 3.

 In a video posted on his Instagram account, Zuckerberg expressed his surprise at finding Quest to be not only the better value but also the superior product overall, despite the significant price difference between the two.

The video, shot with a Quest 3, showcased features like “passthrough,” allowing viewers to see digital screens floating next to Zuckerberg. While acknowledging some positive aspects of the Vision Pro, such as its higher resolution screen and impressive eye tracking, Zuckerberg emphasized Quest’s strengths and took jabs at Apple’s product.

The Meta Quest 3 is praised for its comfort, immersive gaming experience, and comparatively lower price starting at $500. On the other hand, Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3,500, boasts a sleek design and high-resolution screen, making it ideal for immersive videos and movies.

Despite the current limitations and relatively niche market for mixed reality headsets, both Meta and Apple are vying for leadership in this space, with differing visions for the future. Zuckerberg emphasized Meta’s commitment to an open model, contrasting it with Apple’s “walled garden” approach to product development.

While acknowledging Apple’s advancements, Zuckerberg hinted at future updates for Meta’s Quest line, suggesting potential improvements in eye tracking technology for future iterations like the Meta Quest 4.

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